Evolution of Temple

1974Daily prayers commenced1976Construction of temple commenced1978Construction of the temple sanctum completed1979Construction of a hall completed 1980Lalitha Ambigai, Ganesh and Skanda deities installed 1981Devotees started monthly festival, which includes Abhisekam, and Poojas followed by Bhajans at the temple in addition to daily prayers1982 Chariots were introduced to carry the deities around the temple 1983Wooden Chariots were replaced with Copper chariots with steel base 1984 Kalanchi room was constructed to accomodate temple expansion 1985 Vasantha Mandapam was constructed to conduct the monthly poojas 1986 An Ablution block was constructed 1987 Paving of the yard was undertaken 1988 Terrazo flooring of the hall was undertaken 1989 Havan/ Homam became a regular feature at the temple poojas and monthly festival 1990 Improvement to the ablution block undertaken 1991 Construction of a water tank completed 1992 Renovation of the sanctum undertaken 1993 Abhisekam Mandapam constructed 1994 Improvement to the garden at the temple undertaken 1995 Repairs to the roof of the hall completed 2001 Construction of a borehole and additional water tank completed 2002 January Construction of a translucent roof over the sanctum and covering the veedhi completed 2002 February Old asbestos wooden roof replaced with steel frame and iron sheets 2002 March A hall constructed to separate the sanctum area from the dining area and also accommodate the increasing number of devotees to the temple 2002 May/ June Completed a new washing area for devotees and painting of the temple 2002 July Pavement was made using tiles from Uniturtle 2002 August/ September Carpentry works and providing new temple door 2002 October Planted a new flower garden for temple needs 2002 November/ December Renovated the goddess sanctum and changed the electrical wires 2003 January/ February Commenced ground work on the gopuram project for architecture drawing 2003 AprilVisit by Stapathi (Traditional artisans) to design the gopuram and pillar structure 2003 August Architects plan unveiled and presented for approval and subsequent approval by devotees 2003 December Approval of drawing for construction by government 2004 May Appointment of construction contractors for flat roof 2004 September Contractors for flat roof start their work 2004 October Balalaya pooja conducted 2005 March Contractors for flat roof complete their work in this phase 2005 July The Stapathi's arrive to start work on the gopuram project 2005 November The stapathi's complete their work on the gopuram project in this phase